1/72 Figures & Equipment

History in 1/72
The scale of 1/72 is most popular for the creation of amazing scenes with figures, buildings and objects. Our items can also be used for Tabletop Wargaming in 25 mm size.
Build your own window to the past! We offer a wide range of 1/72 figures and accessories from the iron age and romans to the vikings and middle ages to build amazing dioramas. Have a look!


More sub catagories:

♦ 1/72 Ancient Buildings 

Our extraordinary roman buildings in 1/72 are mainly made by small-series manufacturers. Build a great diorama of a Limes watchtower , a street scene from Pompeii or a gladiatorial arena . You will be surprised by the ideas!

1/72 Roman houses, buildings and accesories en 1-72 for model making


♦ 1/72 Egypt 

The fascinating world of the ancient Egyptians was not just pyramids and temples. Here are figures and ideas for new projects, dioramas and wargaming.

1-72 egyptian figures and miniatures for model making, dioramas and wargaming 25 mm

♦ 1/72 Greeks & Persians 

The great age of Greece from the hoplites and Persian Wars to the Macedonian phalanx of Alexander the Great - 1/72 figures for model making, dioramas and wargaming!

1-72 Viking figures and miniatures for model making, dioramas and wargames

♦ 1/72 Celts & Germans 

For the Romans, they were barbarians, but the cultures of the Iron Age have much to offer not only the archaeologists. Also modelers get many ideas!

1/72 celtic and germanic figures, warriors ans civilians for modelling, dioramas and Wargaming in 25 mm.

♦ 1/72 Roman figures 

Roman soldiers and civilians - Legionaries, auxiliaries, gladiators, senators, slaves ... - The roman world in 1/72 for model making and Wargames !

1/72 roman figures , legionaries, gladiators, slaves, senators and more for dioramas, model making and Wargames 25 mm.

♦ 1/72 Viking Figures 

Looters, explorers, traders - The world of the Vikings from Greenland to Byzantium offers ample space for individual model building and dioramas. Customize your project with our 1/72 figures!

1-72 Viking figures and miniatures for model making, dioramas and wargames

♦ 1/72 Viking Ships 

What it may be? A bulbous Knarr as a workhorse for traders and explorers, or would you prefer a sleek longboat for the raid to Lindisfarne? A viking is not a viking without a ship, not even in scale 1/72!

1/72 viking ships, longboats, knarr, knorr for viking dioramas in 1:72 or wargaming in 25 mm

♦ 1/72 Other Peoples 

What would the late antiquity be without the Huns? The Vikings without Franks or Anglo-Saxons?  Here you will find extraordninary Figures in 1:72 scale of other peoples.

1-72 Viking figures and miniatures for model making, dioramas and wargames

♦ 1/72 Accessories 

Accessories in 1/72 - It is the detail that brings a diorama to life and makes it realistic !

1/72 Equipment, accessories, decorations and spare parts for models and wargaming