Gladiators with Water Organ

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1/72 Miniature Figures Romans
ROMAN GLADIATORS with water organ, referees, musicians and Charon

What a set! In design and selection of the figures you realize someone with great knowledge of history and archeology had his hands on.
It is less the gladiators themselves, comprising two pairs of a retiarius fighting against a secutor. The set also also contains figures in 1/72 for the authentic ambience! For the musical accompaniment of the gladiator fights, three figures of musicians with a water organ (hydraulis), horn (cornu) and double flute (aulos) are included. In addition, the set of figures comprises also referees, a Charon with hammer and helpers to pull the fallen gladiators out of the arena.
The figures in 1/72 scale are made of resin and are unpainted for individual design. The fancy set for creating a beautiful diorama of an roman arena or amphitheater is limited to 999 pieces by the manufacturer! Therefore we would recommend a quick decission as long as the figures are still available. 

Linear B
Content: 15 figures and accessories like water organ, unpainted
4 gladiators (2x retiarius, 2x secutor), 3 referees in 2 different poses, 1 Charon, 2 dead gladiators, 2 slaves, 1 cornicen, 1 musician with aulos, 1 woman with water organ (hydraulis)
Poses: 10
Material: Resin

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