Celtic Bracelet, Silver

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Celtic Bracelet

Reconstruction of an archeological find from Offenthal, Germany in 3-dimensional "plastic style". Dating to the Latène perios B2 / C1. Diameter inside 60 mm. With little care, the opening can be adjusted and customized. Handmade from solid 925 silver.


Celtic Bracelet

A copy of the this celtic bracelet in its current form was kindly made available to me by the archaeological curator of the district of Offenbach, Klaus Ulrich, about 25 years ago.
The piece came a Celtic grave from the forest near Offenthal. Typologically, the bracelet is classified in the Latène B to B2, but accompanied finds probably come from period C1. The celtic bracelt hoop is probably circular closed.
The finds were mentioned in 1999 as part of a dissertation by Susanne Heun:




The celtic bracelet has the inventory number 1968: Oft 07832/8
Short find point: Waldabteilung 91/92
Corridor: 17
Plot: Schneise zw. Waldabt. 91 and 92, transmission line
Coordinates: 6018: 80170-350 / 37750-800
Date: 1968
Time setting: Latène
Monuments Type: Graves
Findings: Emergency rescue
Excavator: Ulrich, Klaus
Directory Number: UD Kr Of Often (3) + (16)
Remarks: After plowing for afforestation by E. Bay u.a. discovered and reported. Thereupon investigation east of the Egelsbacher way. Fire grave and scattered finds, all La Tène period.

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