Celto-Roman Thistle-Fibula, Silver

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This brooch bases on a very fragmented original (see last picture) of the ancient grave field of Wederath / Germany, the ancient city of Belginum. This "Distelfibel" was reconstructed using original fibulae in the museums of Trier, Mainz and Cologne. This type (No. 4.5.2 in the book of Emilie Riha trading the fibulae of Augst and Kaiseraugst in Switzerland) has probably it´s origin in Gallia and spread to the west to Britain and to the east to the Rhine provinzes, Helvetia and the Danube provinces. In Augusta Raurica this kind of fibula was mainly used in the middle of the 1st century AD.  A realy stunning example of celto-roman craftmanship. Very massive, made from high quality 925 silver. With usable needle of newsilver. Size 85 x 50 mm, delivery in a large gift-box with certificate.
Picture 4 shows a similiar original.

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