Thistle Brooch Xanten, Silver

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Roman Thistle Brooch

Replica of a so-called Thistle Brooch from a find from Xanten. The Thistle Brooch is decorated with an ornamented disc and equipped with a functional and authentic pin construction. The beautiful Roman provincial fibula is made of solid 925 silver and will be delivered with a certificate in a jewelry box.
Size approx. 70 x 45 mm.

Roman Thistle Brooch

The modern name Thistle brooch refers to the round or sometimes square decorative ornament in the center of the fibula. The attached round disk of sheet metal is reminiscent of the petals of a thistle. In French archeology, these pieces of jewelery are called "peacock tail brooches". The ancient name of this kind of brooch is unknown.
Technically, these are spiral brooches,  where the spiral spring pin is inserted into a long, hollow sleeve at the fibula's base. The origins of these Roman provincial brooches date back to the Celtic era, where simple bow brooches were already adorned with a disc of pressed sheet metal.
Thistle brooches were widely used and popular in Roman times as a part of women's clothing. They were either worn in pairs or used to fix the upper garment centrally in front of the chest. The main distribution area is located in the west of the Roman Empire, especially in the Rhine area and in Gaul. They date to the first half of the 1st century AD, but single finds date up to the 2nd half of the 1st century.


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