Kelten, Keltischer Schmuck, Gallier, Keltische Fibeln, Halsreifen,Torques, keltische Amulette, Triskele

Celtic Jewellery and recplicas of the La Tène culture
The fascinating people of the Celts dominated the West European culture for many centuries. The awesome celtic jewelry still impresses with it's extravagant design. Mythological figures and ornaments characterize the look of celtic brooches and the celtic amulets, but also of equipment, belts or neckrings (torques). We do not create any modern fantasy jewellery, but high-quality reproductions and makeovers of real archaeological finds in our own workshop. The true story is already much more exciting than things out of our imagination. All replicas are handcrafted, made from best and massive materials and functional like the originals were in ancient times. Our product range includes replicas of the La Tène culture up to the early Roman period, ca. 500 BC - 20 AD.

More sub catagories:

♦ Pendants 

Celtic Pendants, Amulets and Charms


♦ Torcs (Neckrings) 

Celtic Torcs / Torques (Neck-Rings)


♦ Brooches 

Celtic brooches, cloakpins and fibulae


♦ Belt Hooks 

Celtic belts, buckles, belt hooks and fittings


♦ Rings & Armrings 

Celtic Rings and Armrings


♦ Earrings 

Celtic earrings and ear jewellery in ancient and early medieval designs


♦ Other Replicas 

Special replicas and copies of Celtic artefacts


Celtic Jewelry