Germanic jewellery, replicas of fibulae, germanic pendants and belts

Germanic jewellery and replicas of archaeological finds from the Teutons
The Germanic tribes of the iron age are characterized by an independent culture. Germanic Brooches (fibulae), belts and jewellery charms such as Donar clubs sometimes show the influence of roman imports, but often their own distinct style retains. Outstanding finds such as Berlock pendants are witnesses of a highly developed arts and crafts. Also bog finds like the Tollund man on the picture above provide valuable insights into the fascinating life and cult of the Teutons. Here you will find replicas of the pre-Roman iron age until the migration period 100 BC - 570 AD.


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♦ Pendants 

Germanic Pendants and Amulets


♦ Brooches / Fibulae 

Germanic brooches and fibulae


♦ Buckles and Belt Fittings 

Germanic buckles, belt parts and fittings


♦ Rings 

Germanic rings and ring jewelry


♦ Runes 

Runes - magic characters of the Germanic script