Jewelry of the early middle ages and the time of the Merovingian dynasty


Schmuck der Merowingerzeit, Childerich, Bügelfibel, S-Fibel, Vogelfibel, Gürtelgarnitur, Merowinger, Frühmittelalter

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the kingdom of the Merovingian kings rises on the foundation of the ancient administrative structures. Outstanding archaeological finds such as gilded bow brooches (fibulae) or multi-part belt sets are ressurrected by our workshop. We offer replicas which cover the time between 450 and 750 AD.

More sub catagories:

♦ Brooches & Fibulae 

Brooches & fibulae of the age of the Merovingians


♦ Belt Buckles and Fittings 

Merovingian Belt Buckles and Fittings, early medieval belt fashion

♦ Rings 

Bagues et anneaux de l'époque mérovingienne


♦ Special Replicas 

Merovingian pendants and other replicas



Merovingian Jewellery