Mercury Pendant, Silver

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Mercury Pendant - The Mini Phalera


Phalerae are round decorative discs, in some cases depicting a god or a mythological figure. They were given to soldiers as military awards, known as Dona Militaria. The motif shows the messenger of the gods Mercury, who was revered as Hermes by the Greeks, with his iconic wing cap. With a diameter of about 25 mm, the pendant, worn on a leather strap or chain, is a wonderful lucky charm. The Merkur pendant is handcrafted from solid 925 silver and will be delivered with a leather strap and a certificate.


Mercury Pendant, Silver

Mercury was the god of the dealers and traders, but also of the thieves. He was responsible for contracts, was a peacemaker and leader of the souls to the underworld. In the roman provinces of northern europe, more statuettes of Mercury were found than of any other god or goddess of the roman pantheon. Corresponding to his area of responsibility, the ring depicts his typical image: He carries a purse and his staff, called Caduceus. In ancient mythology  it is a rod with two snakes, winded among each other in peace. Also the winged boot and a greek travelling hat, the Petasus are his characteristics. The second image depicts an original fresco of Mercury from Pompeji.


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