Roman Ring Matri Patri, Silver

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Roman Ring Vindolanda

Roman ring with the inscription Matri / Patri (for mother, for father), inspired by a find from Vindolanda. Handcrafted from genuine bronze. The fragment of the ring, originally made from silver, was discovered in 2008 during excavations in the area of the bath house. The ring will be delivered in a gift box.


Roman Ring Vindolanda

The military camp of Vindolanda is located south of the Hadrian's Wall in northern England and was built to secure the border traffic on the "Stanegate". The first phase is a fort built from wood and earth from about 85 AD. In the early 2nd century, the fort probably lost its meaning and was abandoned for a short time. After a few years the wooden fort was extended, and until 163 AD a stone fort was built completely new. The exact dating can be verified by a construction inscription. The stone fort probably existed as a military facility until about 285 AD, before it was largely abandoned together with the civilian settlement (Vicus). Around 300 AD, the fort was used again by roman troops. The civilian village of Vindolanda was probably not inhabited due to the unsecure situation.
Vindolanda is of particular importance to the history of science because of the good research that has been going on to date. In particular, the preservation of organic finds of wood and leather is unique. The Vindolanda tablets, thin wooden boards with military and private notes, are a national heritage and provide insights into the organization of the military and civilian life on Hadrian's Wall.

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