Rectangular Cingulum Buckle, Silver

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In the late 2nd century, the famous roman military belt, "cingulum" or "balteum" changend it´s appearance completely. The belt-plates, known from the earlier empire, were replaced by a new fashion. Characteristic are ring- or rectangular buckles without a thorn or spike, they are visible at many ancient roman funerary monuments of this age. Originals were found at many military forts at the Limes, some of them were published by Jürgen Oldenstein, who also presented some reconstructions. Our Copy is based on find No. 1083 from Osterburken, Germany. The belts are easy to close: both belt-ends passed through the buckle from behind, then folded back and held in place by a stud on each side.

The set comprises 1 rectangular buckle and 2 mushroom-shaped studs, all handcrafted from massive silver. Size 48 x 48 mm, leather sold separately.

Jürgen Oldenstein, "Zur Ausrüstung Römischer Auxiliareinheiten", In: Bericht der Römisch-Germanischen Kommisssion, Band 57/1976, Mainz 1977, S. 49-336

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