Belt Set Asturis, Bronze

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Complete Late Roman Belt Set Asturis, Bronze

The belt fittings are based on the find Zwentendorf Grave 57. It comprises the buckle, amphora shaped strap end, 7 propeller fittings and a profiled astragalus tube for end the belt. Delivery includes fastening materials, without leather. Buckle size, suitable for a belt width of


The Roman Fort of Zwentendorf / Asturis

The municipality of Zwentendorf is located on the banks of the Danube river in Lower Austria. 13 kilometers west of the district capital Tulln are the remains of a Roman fort on the edge of a small wooded area, which was probably built directly on the bank of the river. The military fortifications secured the traffic routes in the Tulln Basin. The first fort consisted of a wood / earth structure and was probably replaced by a stone structure around the middle of the 2nd century. These quarry stone walls were replaced by mortar walls in a later phase in late Roman times and expanded with horseshoe and fan turrets as catapult platforms. The name of the fort "Asturis" can possibly be traced back to the COH I Asturium. In late antiquity, the fort was used by Limitanei, who acted as guardians of the border (Limes). The fort was thus from about 100 AD. until 488 AD, although the late antique buildings have a more civil character. The nearby grave fields were archaeologically examined and evaluated. Overall, the Asturis fort, with its interior development and the associated settlement areas, is one of the best-researched Limes forts in Austria.

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