Crossbow Fibula, Bronze

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Crossbow brooches with long arms and hinge construction appeared at the end of the 2nd century. They became popular soon and replaced all other soldier´s brooches during the 3rd century. At the beginning of the 4th century AD, the crossbow brooches had devolped to the famous crossbow brooches with onion-shaped knobs.
The copy bases on an original find from the Saalburg fort in Germany. Our handcrafted reproduction is made from real bronze and fully operative with a flexible pin of iron. A special production with an authentic forged bronze pin is also possible by extra charge of 10,-- Euro (pic. 3), but our standard variant with iron needle is much more usable. Length 65mm. Picture 2 shows the original.

A. Böhme, Die Fibeln der Kastelle Saalburg und Zugmantel. Saalburg-Jahrb. 29, 1972, 5-112.

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