Large Phalera, Bronze

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Discs with embossed decorations were widely used as applications and military medals. Famous are the depictions of centurions and other officers with many phalerae as military awards attached to a harness (pic. 2), but also the horse harnesses of the 1st century AD were decorated with these discs (pic 3). Similiar phalerae are depicted at various gravestones of roman cavalrymen (pic. 4) or of officers like the standard bearer Gnaeus Musius, on exhibition at the Museum in Mainz (pic. 5.)

Our production starts with an wax model, which is detailled by hand and casted in an authentic and costly way afterwards. The metal cast is again intensively reworked, sanded and polished by hand. It is no thin sheet metal or a metal covered resin cast, but a massive and valuable piece of ancient history. Made from massive Bronze! Diameter more ca. 10 cm, weight about 260 gramms! Rivets are provided, at the backside are 2 bows to simplify the fitting.

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