Phalera Medusa Lauersfort, Bronze

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Medusa Phalera Lauersfort

This sculpted ornamental disc is inspired by a find from Lauersfort at the Lower Rhine. The diameter of this Phalera correspondens to the orignal size of almost 11 cm. The motif of the Medusa is sculpted beautifully with many details.The attachment of the disc on leather straps can be done by drilling holes into the outer ring, the rivets are included. On request, individual supplements such as eyelets can be attached to the backside. The Phalera is made of genuine bronze and is produced by hand in the lost wax process, elaborately reworked and polished.


Medusa Phalera Lauersfort

On the manor Lauersfort, between Moers and Krefeld on the Lower Rhine, in 1857 or 1858 during drainage several relief-decorated plaques with plastic motifs were discovered, which are now on display in the Neues Museum Berlin. Due to the scientific value and the high artistic quality, copies of it can also be seen in several other museums, for example in the RGZM in Mainz or in the Museum Burg Linn.
The 9 ornamental discs - plus a crescent-shaped badge and a larger honor bowl with oak wreath - are interpreted as Roman military medals, so-called Phalerae. On some of the discs there are the name of the craftsman (Medanus) and the name of the owner (Titus Flavius ​​Festus). The Phalerae were produced most likely in the 1st century AD in a Gallic workshop, although sometimes a creation in the early 2nd century is considered as possible.

The Gorgon Medusa was a popular motif in the military of the romans for its protective function. Her gaze was to keep out evil and spread fear among the enemies.

I dedicate this reconstruction to Karin Verbis, who accompanied me for many long years as a contact person and a good soul in the Saalburg Museum. When I was informed of her sudden death, I was working at the model of this phalera. The thoughts of the great loss, especially for her family, friends and colleagues, have determined my work - as well as the memories of all the performances, public days and museum festivals that we have shared together for so long. I still lack the words to describe the loss. For this reason, the phalera on the back bears the dedication "Für Karin".

In addition, 10% of the sales price will be donated to the supporting association of the Saalburg Museum.

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