Phalera Cybele, Silver

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Phalera Cybele, Silver

Discs with embossed decorations were widely used as applications and military medals. Famous are the depictions of centurions with many phalerae as military awards attached to a harness (pic. 2).

This phalera with the three-dimensional depiction of Cybele was probably first attached to an roman centurion´s harness, proofed by the original rivet holes. Secondary, it was fitted to a decorative drinking bowl (pic. 3). This so-called Phiales are part of the silver treasure of Hildesheim, other examples were found at the roman villa of Boscoreale at the Gulf of Naples, which was destructed by the eruption of the Vesuv. Similiar decorations were fitted to chests or other furnitures.

Cybele is a mother goddess of Anatolian origins, the ancient Phrygia. She first seemed to be a metaphor for mother earth. In Rome, the Cybele-cult emerges in the 3rd century BC, in 191 BC the temple for Magna Mater was opened at the Palatine hill. She was a protective goddess for cities and fortresses and wears a crown depicting a city´s wall. The mystery cult of Attis and Cybele was widespread, even in Mainz, Trier or Cologne sanctuaries, temples and inscribtions were discovered. A connection between the local cult of the Matres and Matrones is likely and surely supported the spreading.

Our production starts with an wax model, which is detailled by hand and casted in an authentic and costly way afterwards. The metal cast is again intensively reworked, sanded and polished by hand. It is no thin sheet metal or a metal covered resin cast, but a massive and valuable piece of ancient history. Made from massive 925 silver! Diameter ca. 90mm, weight more than 200 gramms ! Rivets are provided.

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