Phalera Medusa, Bronze

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Discs with embossed decorations were widely used as applications and military medals.

Medusa was one of the three gorgons with an horrible appearance, turning everyone into stone who looks in her eyes directly. According to the legend she was a winged beast with serpent hairs and a scale covered body. Only the greek hero Perseus was able to defeat and behead her with the help of the goddess Athena. After that, the head was fitted at Athenas shield. The motif is called gorgoneion and was a popular apotropaic motif in ancient times. It was used to decorate weapons like shields or body armour, but also amulets or city walls.

Our production starts with an wax model, which is detailled by hand and casted in an authentic and costly way afterwards. The metal cast is again intensively reworked, sanded and polished by hand. It is no thin sheet metal or a metal covered resin cast, but a massive and valuable piece of ancient history. Diameter ca. 75mm, rivets are provided.

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