Roman Horse Harness 2

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Trappings of a roman Horse harness

The fittings are made from polished bronze and are delivered ready to be assembeled including bronze rivets. Silver rivets are available by extra charge. The Set comprises fittings for a tail strap (2 large phalerae with busts of goddess Venus and 6 decorative plates, 4 small phalerae with leaf pendants, 2 crescent pendants and 2 buckles) and fittings for a chest/neck strap (large centre phalera with bust of Venus, 2 large phalerae with busts of Venus, 4 small phalerae with leaf pendants, 10 decorative plates, 2 crescent pendants, 3 buckles). The saddle should be equipped with 2 straps in front and back to fit the harness with the buckles. The parts are available in polished bronze or by additional charge in tinned bronze, please make your selection above.

According to the time consuming production by hand, the time of delivery is about 8 weeks.


Roman Horse Trappings

The roman army was not known for a certain kind of modesty. Especially the cavalry equipment for battle and parade was extraordinary splendid and conspicious, including the horse harnesses. The cavalrymen saw themself as the elite of the army, demonstrating the status in every detail.
According to the military gravestones of the 1st century AD (pic. 2), the horses were decorated with discs (phalerae), fitted to leather harnesses. Many parts of the equipment have been found, and the phalera harnesses were in use until the eraly 2nd century, according to the finds of Ribchester / England.

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