Roman jewellery by, jewelry of the romans, fibulae, broches, belt buckles  and pendants

Roman jewelry and other replicas of finds of the Roman Empire
The widest range of our offerings comprises replicas of archaeological finds from the older and younger Empire, approximately between 27 BC to 450 A.D. In addition to copies of jewelry from Pompeii, we offer functional reconstructed roman brooches (fibulae), pendants and legionary belts (cinguli). Replicas from other themes such asstatues of deities, spoons or writing accessories complete our offerings.

More sub catagories:

♦ Amulets and Pendants 

Roman amulets, pendants and authentic charms of the ancient Roman Empire


♦ Brooches & Fibulae 

Roman Brooches, Fibulae and cloakpins


♦ Belt Buckles and Fittings 

Roman belts, buckles and fittings


♦ Rings 

Roman rings, seal rings and wedding rings


♦ Earrings 

Roman Earrings


♦ Gods and Cult 

Roman gods, figurines, statuettes and ancient religious objects


♦ Writing Accessories 

Roman Writing Accessories


♦ Military Items 

Roman militaria, sword fittings and other ancient military replicas


♦ Erotics 

Roman erotica, erotic pendants and phallic amulets


♦ Medicine and Beauty 

Roman medicine, beauty and hygiene, accessories for the thermal baths


♦ Phalerae 

Phalerae, Roman military decorations for Centurions, Legionaries and horsegear


♦ Special Replicas 

Special replicas and copies of Roman artefacts



Roman Replicas and Jewelery