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To receive a god´s protection and support, people wear amulets and charms since the stone age until today.
In viking burials, mostly of woman and children, several specimens of miniature hammers were found, symbol of the god Thor and his magical weapon Mjoelnir. While christians wear crosses as sign of their belief, the pagan germanic people in northern europe wore Thor´s hammer as jewellery and amulets. Remarkable is a casting mould from the viking settlement Haithabu in northern Germany, showing a cross at one side and a Thorshammer at the other.
Also the famous amulet from iceland in shape of a cross turned upside down with animal head (No. 078001 / 078002) shows the unity of christian and pagan belief in this particular time of history.
In ancient germanic literature, Thor is described as an impulsive hothead, but also good-natured with a sense of humor. He was a strong protector for the warriors, without deception and too much shrewdness.The sound of his carriage, being pulled by magical goats, is the thunder in the sky, and the hammer Mjoelnir is the lightning, smashing his enemie´s bones and returning to it´s owner.

An extraordinary find was made in southern Sweden in the region of  Schonen. Our replica is reduced to a wearable scale of 1:2, measuring 35 x 30 mm. This stunning Mjoelnir hammer shows, that even in the 10th century wealthy vikings of the upper class were still pagans.
Delivery with leather thong and certificate, handcrafted from high quality 925 silver.

When buying the matching foxtail chain together with the hammer, please be aware that the chain will not be removeable (see picture).

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Wunderschöne Handarbeit vom aller feinsten. Für jeden der Wert auf Qualität legt, absolut zu empfelen! Nicht umsonst bin ich seit über 10 Jahren gerne immer wieder Kunde!

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