Jewellery and replicas of the viking age


Schmuck der Wikingerzeit, Wikingerschmuck, Thorhammer, Thorshammer, Ovalfibel, Schildkrötfibel, Ringfibel, Borrestil, Jellinge-Stil, Urnesfibel, Tierstil, Wikingerschwert

Jewellery and replicas of the viking age
The Vikings are usually associated with the story of brutal raids and a life of struggle and war, but that recognizes only one, but important, facet of the Nordic culture. They were also explorers, adventurers, founders and merchants, connecting the cultures of the medieval world. The jewelry of the Vikings is incredibly imaginative and mystical, for example covered by interlace patterns, mythical creatures in the Borre-style or with dragon heads in Jellinge-style. Outstanding products of Nordic arts and crafts include Viking oval brooches, ring brooches (fibulae) and belt buckles. Here you will find selected and high quality replicas and jewelry of the Viking age from the period between 793-1066 A.D.

More sub catagories:

♦ Pendants and Amulets 

Pendants and Amulets of the Vikings


♦ Brooches and Fibulae 

Viking brooches, fibulae and cloakpins


♦ Belt Buckles and Fittings 

Viking belt buckles and fittings


♦ Rings 

Viking Rings


♦ Runes 

Runes - magic characters of the Germanic script


♦ Special Replicas 

Special replicas of archaeological finds from the viking age



Viking Jewelry