Medieval Jewellery and replicas


Mittelalterlicher Schmuck, Nachbildungen von Pilgerabzeichen, Templersiegel, Anhänger der Tempelritter, Templerring,

Medieval jewellery and replicas
The European middle ages begins with the reign of Charlemagne. The emergence of feudalism and the chivalry marked an epoch, which is also characterized by fanatical, religious zeal. Depending on the definition, the middle ages ends with the period of the Enlightenment, the Protestant Reformation or the discovery of America. For you, we have compiled a selection of medieval jewellery, brooches, belt buckles and other replicas of the high and late middle ages and the period of the Crusades. All pieces are handmade in authentic techniques in our workshop.



More sub catagories:

♦ Pilgrim Badges 

Medieval Pilgrim Badges and Pendants


♦ Other Pendants 

Medieval Pendants, Amulets and Talismans


♦ Brooches 

Medieval Brooches and Cloakpins


♦ Rings 

Medieval rings and signet rings of the middle Ages


♦ Buckles and Belt Fittings 

Medieval belts and buckles, belt fittings of the middle ages


♦ Special Replicas 

Special Replicas of the Middle Ages



Medieval Jewelry