1/72 Roman Officers

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1/72 Roman Miniature Figures
Imperial Roman Command (Centurio, Signifer, Tubicen, Legionaries), 1st century AD Hät 8075

The cover picture of this set is somewhat misleading. Included are several figures of centurions and NCOs: ensigns carriers (Signifer, Imaginifer), Tubicen, and several legionaries with chain mail (Lorica Hamata), segmental armor (Lorica Segmentata) and scale armor (Lorica Squamata) which may be used for the rank of an optio. Also included are several ensigns (Signa) like the legion´s eagle or the emperor´s bust (Imago).

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Content: 44 figures with weapons and signa, unpainted
Poses: 7
Material: Plastic

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