Celtic Post-Slot Wall, 1/72

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Celtic Post-Slot Wall, 1/72

In the Celtic period many settlements were secured with fortified walls. Caesar reports of Celtic cities, the so-called Oppida, which were fortified with a "Gallic wall", a Murus Gallicus. This typical Celtic wall structure consisted of a scaffold of wooden beams that was filled with stones and earth. As a facing, a stone wall was often erected, which was laid between vertical wooden beams. In the archaeological findings, one often finds the extant walls, in which the vertical gaps are found, where the rotten beams were originally placed. Therefore, this typical type of the Celtic wall is referred as a "post-slot wall" or "Pfostenschlitzmauer". Post slot walls are found as fortifications in numerous Celtic settlements.

Following the example of this Celtic wall, this kit was made from highly detailed resin parts and laser-cut plywood. A illustrated construction guide gives helpful tips for the construction.


Kit Celtic post slot wall

Manufacturer: Green-Line
Scale: 1:72
Contents: Kit of a Celtic wall with building instructions
Material: plastic (resin), wood
Width: 145mm
Height: 75mm
Depth: 42mm

Not included are figures, colors and glue

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