History to built

More sub catagories:

♦ 1/72 Figures 

History in 1/72
Figures for historical dioramas, tabletop games, school projects and much more from many eras. 


♦ 1/72 Houses and Buildings 


1/72 Buildings and Houses
Residential and commercial buildings, military facilities, temples, manors and much more


♦ 1/72 accessories and decorations 

1/72 Accessories
Only the details make a diorama come alive and lifelike! Here you will find the little things that make your project unique!

♦ Cardmodels 

Card models and paper models of buildings of the antiquity. Build the Coliseum, a roman villa or a greek bireme! Create your own piece of history of the time of the romans, vikings, egyptians or celts! Materials for the demanding modeler and for educational purposes.


♦ Wood Model Kits 

Already the ancient egyptians built model ships from wood. Today amazing models are created and we will support ambitious model builders with demanding kits. But we also try to fill children with enthusiam for model building with our special range of easy wooden model kits.


♦ 1/16 Figures Kits 

Construction kits of historical figures and accessories on a large scale 1/16