Hospital - Valetudinarium

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1/72 Miniature Figures Romans
Wounded Legionaries, Medicus, Stretchers and Accessories

In ancient Rome, and especially in the military sector, health care was very progressive. Injured and wounded legionaries have been supplied on the battlefield by Capsarii and later treated in special hospitals in forts or marching camps. In larger fortifications there was a real hospital called Valetudinarium, where quite modern methods of treatment already have been applied.
The set of figures "Valetudinarium" includes 52 figures in 1/72 scale of wounded legionaries, doctors (medicus) and accessories such as stretchers.

ROMAN HOSPITAL / Valetudinarium

Manufacturer: Linear B
Content: 52 figures hospital / Valetudinarium with accessories in 1/72, unpainted
Posen: 13
Material: Plastic


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