1/72 Roman Wine Press

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1/72 Roman Buildings
Roman WINE PRESS (Green Line)

In ancient Rome, wine was served in a variety of beverages. Diluted with water, it was a drink for everyday. Mixed with spices and sweetened with honey, it was served as a starter before the meals.  Among the spiced wines were Mulsum or Conditum Paradoxum known in many ancient recipes. Wine of poor quality and even vinegar was mixed to Posca, which was also a popular drink of ordinary people, slaves and soldiers.

In prehistoric and early historical times, wine was already imported of the Celtic and Germanic elites from the Mediterranean.  Under Roman rule, wine was cultivated in northern Europe on a larger scale.  Still today, the regions of the rivers Rhine and Moselle are particularly popular for wine cultivation.

In addition to numerous depictions on mosaics, murals or grave monuments, especially archaeological excavations discovered evidences of ancient wine presses. Famous examples are the roman wine presses in Erden, Piesport or Brauneberg at the river Mosel. The roman wine press of Brauneberg was excavated in the early 90s and reconstructed using the original wine press stones.

The wine press of Brauneberg was used at the historical pattern for our model kit in 1/72 scale. The kit of the roman wine press includes numerous parts in wood and resin, as well as detailed instructions. Compatible Roman figures in 1/72 scale with slaves and roman farm workes are also available at our webshop!



Manufacturer: Green-Line
Scale: 1:72
Content: kit of a Roman wine press. With components and instructions.
Material: wood, resin
Width: 76 mm
Depth: 112 mm
Height: 158 mm

Decorative materials, figures, colors and glue are not included.

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