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1/72 Roman Buildings

The image we have of the Roman provinces in Raetia and Germania is marked by the Limes as dominant boundary system. Particularly the border fortifications and watchtowers are popular topics of dioramas, both of private modelers and of museums. But often the models do not correspond to the latest archaeological evidences and are more often influenced by outdated research.

Therefore we are very pleased to present this kit of a Limes watchtower in popular 1/72 scale, which is based on current research. The model is a detailed, miniaturized copy of an early wooden watchtower as he was built in the northern provinces in an early stage of the Limes around 100 to 120 AD. The design is similar to a modern reconstruction of a Limes watchtower in Rainau-Buch in Germany, which was built in 2008. The researches of Dietwulf Baatz were particularly considered. Deliberately the balcony-like viewing-platform has been avoided, as it is done with many other reconstructions.

A special feature of the Limes watchtower kit is the fact that not only the external appearance has been attractively reconstructed in 1/72 scale, but it is also prepared to make the interior visible by a removeable side wall. Even the half-timbered structure inside is depicted. The kit also comprises ladders, table, beds and chairs, which can be completed with little effort by additional furnishings and figures to an amazing diorama.

The kit consists of more than 300 pieces of wood and textured, lasered cardboard. All parts are pre-cut and ready for assembly to make your diorama in 1/72 scale lifelike and realistic!

Kit LIMES WATCHTOWER 1/72, Early Wooden Tower

Manufacturer: Green-Line
Scale: 1:72
Contents: Kit of a Roman Limes Watchtower, 303 pieces, instructions
Material: lasered cardboard and wood
Width: 68 x 68 mm
Height: 175 mm

Decorations, figures, colours and glue are not included.

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