1/72 Arena, Amphitheatre

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1/72 Roman Buildings
Roman Arena, Amphitheatre

In the amphitheatres of the Roman Empire, a variety of performances were presented to entertain the audience. Most popular were the gladiatorial games in the arena, but also hunting scenes with wild animals (Venationes), executions or the display of famous battles were part of the varied and often bloody program. The largest roman arena was the Amphitheatrum Flavium, the Colosseum in Rome. But even in smaller towns in the province and even in fort villages, for example near of the Zugmantel fort in Germany,  more simple arenas constructed from wood are profed by archaeological evidence. A new discovery is the wooden arena at the site of a gladiatorial school in Carnuntum in Austria.

Our kit includes all parts to build a semi-circular, that means open, wooden arena.  Gladiator figures in 1/72 scale will find a proper environment, although animal hunts or other performances are well placed in a diorama with this arena. There is also plenty of space for figures of spectators. 
With a diameter of almost 30 cm, the roman arena has impressive dimensions. The detailed building instruction leaves no question unanswered.


Roman Amphitheatre, Roman Arena 1/72

Manufacturer: Green-Line
Scale: 1:72
Content: components and instructions
Material: lasered cardboard, paper, wood
Width: 270 mm
Height: 105 mm

Does not include paints, glue, figures and decorations

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