1/72 Mycenaean Army

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1/72 Greek Miniature Figures 
Mycenaean Army, Mycenaean Infantry (Caesar Miniatures H020)

Mycenaean infantry in 1/72 scale, suitable for presentation of the Trojan War. The term "Mycenaean" refers to the inhabitants of the Greek mainland to the Late Bronze Age. The term derives from the excavations at Mycenae started by Heinrich Schliemann. The Mycenaeans were the first advanced civilization of the European continent. It is unknown how the Mycenaeans called themselfes, but they may be identical with the Achaeans or the Danaans from Homer´s epic poems. The advanced culture of the Mycenaeans comprised the period between 1600 v. Chr. and about 1200 v. Chr. The Trojan War likely dates to the late phase of the Mycenaean civilization.
The figures in 1/72 include archers, warriors with bronze swords and bronze hatchets. The figures all have a body armor.
The figures can be seen here.

Content: 42 figures of mycenaean infantry in 1:72 with weapons, unpainted
Poses: 12
Material: Plastic

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