Warriors of the Sea Peoples

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1/72 Egyptian Miniature Figures
Warriors of the Sea Peoples (Caesar Miniatures H048)

Warriors of the Sea Peoples, figures in 1/72 scale. The term Sea Peoples refers to foreign warbands which threatened the egyptian empire during the New Kingdom since the reign of Ramses III. at the beginning of the 12th century BC. Profound changes in the eastern Mediterranean, also triggered or at least amplified by climate change with extreme dry periods, led to the downfall of civilizations such as the Hittites or the Mycenaeans in the 12th century BC. The exact origin of the Sea Peoples is controversial, but most likely they came from the italic or greek  area.  They likely were forced by the change of climate and cultural decline, to develop new livelihoods and settlements.
Illustrations of warriors of the Sea Peoples are found on Egyptian reliefs, for example in Medinet Habu, the mortuary temple of Ramses III. Some of the warriors of the Sea Peoples are shown here with helmets adorned with horns or plumes.

The figures of the Sea Peoples are execellent for representing enemies of ancient Egypt at battle dioramas or for wargaming.

The figures can be seen here.

Content: 42 figures of warriors of the sea peoples, with weapons, unpainted
Poses: 13
Material: Plastic

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