Roman Triumph, Menorah

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1/72 Roman Figures
Menorah - Roman triumphal procession of Titus (Germania)

When agitations in the province Judaea developed to an uprise, in 66 AD emperor Nero sends his general Vespasian and his son Titus to ensure Rome's domination by military force. The Romans advanced with great brutality and destroyed entire villages and Jewish fortresses, killing all inhabitants.
By Nero's death, the Jewish fighters were given a short time to reorganize, until the Flavian Vespasian was determined as the new emperor after one year of dispute.

Now his son Titus was in command of the legions in Judaea, and after a siege in 70 AD his troops captured Jerusalem.
The most important sanctuary, the Jewish Temple of Jerusalem, was looted and completely destroyed. The temple treasure, including the Menorah, felt in Roman hands and was shipped to Rome. In a huge, elaborate triumphal procession, the spoils were presented to the Roman citizens. A triumphal arch, depicting the procession and the Menorah, the precious hebrew lambstand, was errected at a prominent place at the center of Rome.

The Menorah was a symbol of the jewish religion, its origin can be traced back to Moses and the journey of the jewish people to the Holy Land. The looting was a great humiliation, so after a short period of peace, new uprises of the Jews followed.

GF721003 / Roman triumphal procession - The Menorah
Germania figures
Scale: 1:72
Contents: 4 figures, carrying the hebrew lampstand Menorah, unpainted
Material: Resin

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