Viking Funeral Procession

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1/72 Miniature Figures Vikings
Viking funeral, funeral procession of Viking chieftain (Nikolai Exclusive Vik 01)

Sometimes you only need an idea for a fancy model or an extraordinary diorama. The set Funeral Procession of the Viking Chief offers you the opportunity to design a true Viking burial. While the dead man is carried on a stretcher, his arms with shield, helmet and sword are carried to the grave.
With 6 figures, including the deceased, you can create various scenes. From a simple funeral procession through the village (here the Set Vik02, civilians, offers the appropriate atmosphere) to a ship grave of a great Viking king with a large Viking ship (see our Gokstad model in 1/72), the topic can be presented in diverse ways. According to contemporary sources, also  servants, bodyguards, horses and dogs were buried under a large grave mound to accompany the dead king. A great idea for small figures!

Nkolai Exclusive Modelling VIK01
Contents: 6 different figures of the Viking Age in 1/72 with accessories, unpainted
Material: Resin


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