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Viking ship Knarr (also Knorr or Knörr), viking cargo ship 1/72

Beautiful resin model of a viking knarr ship for dioramas in 1/72 scale! Excellent for displaying harbor scenes, trade or expeditions. You want to build a diorama of a Viking Age trading center? Or the port of Haithabu or Birka? The arrival of the Vikings in Greenland? Then our Knarr ship model kit is just the right choice! As ocean going cargo vessel with a capacity of around 20 to 25 tons, the Knarr was the all-purpose boat the Viking Age.
A replica of a Viking Age Knarr, the Saga Siglar, based on a finding from the Danish Roskilde Fjord, sailed in the 80s the world. Also in the waters of Haithabu the wreck of a Knarr was localized.

Viking ship Knarr, the kit

The kit includes not assembled parts for a waterline scale model of a Knarr in 1/72 with accessories (cargo, sails, oars, rigging, manual). Paint, adhesives and figures are not included.

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