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It is one our our highlights: The small, 40mm high amulet is the reconstruction of a very rare and well preserved original. I dates to the 18th or 19th dynasty between 1570 BC and 1185 BC, the age of pharaos like Hatschepsut, Akhenaton (Echnaton), Tutankhamun or Ramses the Great.

The extraordinary figure is a stunnig relic of this time, depicting Hathor, the wife of the falcon god Horus. Like Bastet, Hathor is a goddess of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility, helping women in childbirth. Her name means "House of Horus", and the main temple was in Dendera.

In later times, Hathor and Isis, the mother goddess, were merged because of their common characteristics. Also Isis is depicted with Hathor´s headdress by now. As mother of Horus, Isis was the goddess of motherhood, but she was the patron of nature and magic also. Her magical skills restored the body of her brother and husband Osiris to life after she gathered the body parts that had been strewn all over the earth by Set.
After the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great and the greek administration of the Ptolemaic Period, the cult of isis became very popular.Throughout the Graeco-Roman world, Isis became one of the most significant of the mystery religions, and many classical writers refer to her temples, cults, and rites. Shrines and temples were found in Africa, Asia and Europe, even in Britain and Germany. A well preserved temple can be visited in Pompei, and the foundation of another one is now a museum in Mainz, Germany (Mogontiacum). The worship carried on until the christian church started the suppression of paganism. At the island of Philae, the last temple of Isis was closed in the 6th century. 

The silver pendant is limited to a number of 100 pieces, only 50 are still left and available. Comes in blue gift box with leather thong. Picture 2 depicts the original.


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