Late Latène Brooch, Bronze

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The last century BC was an age of change in the celtic world. Julius Caesar´s conquest of the celtic gauls during the Gallic Wars and the disappearance of the celtic cities in Germany and Bohemia mean the end of the celtic civilisation in Middle Europe. Scientific and archaeological examinations try to find out more about the reasons, cultural processes and the certain time.

The Titelberg, where the original of this fibula was found,  is a late celtic urban settlement in modern Luxembourg. This fortified oppidum was an important cultural and political center of the celtic tribe of the Treveri, founded at about 100 BC. After the conquest of gaul, the Treveri startet a rebellion, but they were defeated by the romans in 30/29 BC. Afterwards, the oppdium never gained it´s importance. It was replaced by the new roman city Augusta Treverorum, the modern Trier.

This early Type of a winged brooch (Fluegelfibel) is fully operative with spring contruction, length ca. 96 mm.

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