Celtic Prince Pendant, Silver

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The Celtic Prince of Glauberg, Pendant

Sterling silver pendant, inspired by the famous and amazing statue of the Celtic Prince of Glauberg. Our pendant made from high quality 925 silver is about 45mm high and will be delivered with eyelet and leather thong ready to wear.

The Celtic Prince of Glauberg, Pendant

Near the modern village of Glauberg / Germany, archaeologists discovered an early celtic settlement of the 5th century B.C., comprising a fortified settlement, religious and cultural facilities with huge ditches and ceremonial paths, astronomic installations and some very rich burials of celtic lords or chieftains, covered by a large tumulus.

The famous excavation also brought a large stone statue to light. It was unearthened near the tumulus, depicting all the items that were found in the burial. It is likely, that the deceased is depicted with some of his burial gifts and equipment, comprising  the leaf crown, neckring, sword, shield, mail and the armrings. As some other fragments suggest, there were probably 4 statues of this kind.
In the meantime, the Glauberg figure became a kind of a well-known trademark for the excavation and the museum.


More information? Visit http://www.keltenwelt-glauberg.de

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