Sekhmet Pendant, Silver

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Sekhmet Pendant - Our Replica

Pendant of Sekhmet, the terrible, lion-headed goddess of war and disease, but also of healing. Our Sekhmet pendant represents the seated, egyptian lion goddess. The sekhmet pendant is handcrafted of solid 925 silver with a height of approx. 33 mm. It will be delivered with a leather thong and a certificate.

Sekhmet Pendant - Egyptian Mythology

As the eye of the Sun God Re, Sekhmet punished people who have rebelled against him. Sekhmet killed so many people, that Re feared she would kill all. To call her back, Re devised a trick: He mixed up red colour with with beer and poured it on the ground. Sekhmet, taking it to be blood, became drunk and could be catched. In her peaceful aspect, she is worshipped as the cat goddess Bastet.

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