Brooch Almgren 68, Bronze

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Many germanic or provincial types of fibulae (brooches) had their origins in late celtic or galloroman types, showing the close connections of different cultures. Also the Strong Profiled Brooch Almgren 68 descends from celtic types. It dates between 40 and 70 AD and a huge number of finds were made in the provinces as well as in free Germania. The brooches were found in roman military fortifications, but also in civilian settlements, in Bohemia and eastern Germany. Some single specimens come from Denmark and islands in the Baltic Sea. Without any borders this type seems to spread all over the ancient world.

Handcrafted in real bronze, copy of an original in private property (see picture 2), fully operative. This variant is slightly longer than our no. 339001. Delivery with certificate, length 45mm.

Literature: G. Kossack, Frühe römische Fibeln aus dem Alpenvorland und ihre chronologische Bedeutung für die germanischen Kulturverhältnisse, in: Festschrift F. Wagner, M. 1962 S. 125-137.

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