Late Crossbow Fibula, Bronze

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Our massive replica is made of real bronze and has a sturdy iron pin. A forged bronze pin (see pictures) or an individual inscription are also possible as a custom-made product. The surcharge for a multi-part construction with a bronze pin is 28,00 Euro.


The extremely splendid, massive and remarkably well-preserved original was made available to us from a private collection for the examination and reproduction. The Late Roman Crossbow Brooch is probably the best-known late antique form of the garment fibula, which developed from simple hinge fibulae of the 3rd century such as No. 187001 or 156001. Pröttel dates this form of the Crossbow Brooch (Keller 3/4) around 330 to 400 AD. Crossbow Brooches were in general in use for a long time, one of the youngest specimens comes from the grave of the Merovingian king Childerich, who was buried at the end of the 5th century.
A well-preserved Crossbow Brooch of the same type Keller 3/4 was also found at a legionary camp in Jordan. In this remote location, stratigraphic dating even dates back to the 6th century, more precisely between 502 and 515 AD.

The Late Roman Crossbow Brooch was the only provincial Roman bow fibula in the 4th and 5th century and was worn exclusively by soldiers and officials as a badge of rank. The size and material are probably also dependent on the military rank of the wearer. Crossbow Brooches made of precious metal, for example, were awarded by the emperor as a badge of honor.

How it is worn together with the military coat (sagum) is illustrated by illustrations, such as the ivory diptych of Monza from the late 4th century (Fig. 2). Most likely, the general Stilicho is depicted here, son of a Germanic vandal and a Roman woman. Like many Germanic peoples at that time, he was in the service of the Roman Empire and rose as a master of arms into the very highest ranks of society.

Our massive reproduction of real bronze has got an operative iron pin and is delivered with certificate. The strong and flexible iron pin makes ist very suitable to be used in Late Roman reecactment or for museum presentations. It is also possible to do engravings or to order an authenitc forged bronze pin as custom work (see pic. 4+5). Length 90 mm. Picture 3 shows the original find.

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