Germanic Belt Set, Bronze

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The 4th century was a period of radical changes, marked by the consolidation of the roman empire by Constantine the Great and the triumph of christianity, the strengthening of the mobile army (Comitatus) by germanic mercenaries and finally the beginning of the germanic migration period.
Characteristic was the new organisation of the roman army and a change of equipment and fighting techniques. The integration of mercenaries and whole germanic tribes as "foederati" is the basis for the creation of germanic kingdoms on roman ground and finally the rise of the early middle ages.
Our belt set dates to the 2nd half of the 4th century, the original was found at the Ehrenbürg, a table hill near Forchheim in Germany. At the Ehrenbürg human settlements were located since the late stone age. Celtic and germanic sanctuaries witness the long cultic and religious traditions, which are still alive. The christian "Walberla" spring festival is verified since the 9th century with ensured roots in pagan rituals.

The set consists of 1 handcrafted belt buckle with 2 fittings, the width is 75 - 80 mm. They can be fitted on leather by sewing or riveting. Rivets and instructions are included, leather sold separately.

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