Irminsul Pendant, Bronze

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The history of the Irminsul

The Frankish Annals give detailed informations of the saxon wars of Charlemagne (Charles the Great). In the 8th century the frankish king tried to conquer the saxon territory in nothern germany and to establish christianity. The Annals tell us the story of the destruction of an saxon sanctuary, especially of the irminsul. It must have been a kind of a pole or tree, as the worldtree Yggdrasil plays an important role in germanic paganism. There must have been several cultic trees and pillars called Irminsul, and the tradition to erect poles, pillars and trees at certain holidays is still alive in Germany and nothern europe.

Unser Irminsul-Anhänger

At the Extersteine in Germany, a relief of the 11th century shows the burial of Jesus and a kind of tree, being cut off as described in the Annales of Charlemagne (picture).
In our time, the Irminsul also became a symbol of neopaganism.

Size 28 x 25mm, handcrafted from real bronze. Delivery with leather thong and certificate.

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