Romanesque Lion Brooch, Bronze

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In the Middle Ages, the lion was a popular animal at coat of arms. He was a symbol for strength and justice and a symbol for Jesus Christ. Another brooch from Rottweil/Germany, is decorated with a Jesus head, and also this brooch from Monte Iato / Sizilia is an unconventional depiction. It dates to the late 10th / 11th century AD. This mythical beasts are animals were used as protective amulets. Handcrafted from real Bronze with iron needle.

Dieter Quast, Eine singuläre romanische Fibel aus der Gegend von Rottweil, In: Archäologisches Korrespondenzblatt Heft2/2003, Mainz 2003
Eine ähnliche Mittelalter Fibel aus einer französischen Sammlung: Löwenfibel

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