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During renovation works in 1978,alarge treasure was foundat Salzburg. It comprisesa lot of silver pieces and coins, dating the find to the time between 1290 and 1300. In this time, Vienna was occupied by the Duke of Bavaria, and thepolitical unrestseems to have frightened the local popultion. Among the finds were a lot ofdifferent belt fittings (pic. 2). The buckle is made of silver and was partly gilded and decorated with black inlays. It probably was made about 1240.

We reconstructed a strap endsuitable to the belt fittings of the Salzburg treasure. Handcrafted from real bronze, suitable for a belt width of 45mm. Rivets, washers and instructions included, leather sold separately.

G. Ditmar-Trauth, Fibel und Grtelmode der Hochgotik, Wald-Michelbach, 2000
I. Fingerlin, Grtel des hohen und spten Mittelalters, Mnchen 1971
B. Koch, Ein Schatzfund aus dem mittelalterlichen Salzburg. Salzburger Museum C. A. Jahresschrift 23/24, 1977/78 (1979) 95-100,

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