Reliquary Cross Pendant, Bronze

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Many of this stunning reliquary cross pendants survived in museums and private collections. They are called "Enkolpion", and the depictions are mostly engraved or three-dimensional. The pendants were produced in the region of Byzantium, later known as Constantinople. They are probably souvenirs of pilgrims, containing some holy relics. 

After the conversion to christanity, even the vikings imported many of the reliquary crosses to scandinavia. Many finds in Sweden proof the cultural and economic connections to the mediterranian region near Constantinople. 

Our Enkolpion is based on an original find of the 11th-13th century AD. It was placed to our our disposal by a private collector (pic. 2). Only the front side survived, so we reconstructed the missing parts and the eyelet comparing other finds of the same age. To enable the opening of  the enkolpion, we replaced the lower rivet by a simple wire. The cross measures ca. 55 x 25 mm, and it is handcrafted from real bronze. Delivered with leather thong and certificate.

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