St. James Scallop Shell Pendant, Bronze

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The Way of St. James is an ancient pilgrims track to the burial of St. James in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Besides Rome and the Holy Land, the Way of St. James is one of the most important pilgrimages of Christianity.  His legend tells the story of the christianization of the Iberian Peninsula. After the execution of St. James in the Holy Land, his body was found at the Iberian coast and buried in a small chapel. There is no archaeological proof for the truth of this story, but his legend spreads since the 7th century, bringing an immense wealth and influence to the spanish province. St. James became also the patron saint for the spanish Reconquista, which means the liberation of the islamic territorys by christian armys.
Saint James was also the patron saint of pilgrims in gerneral, mostly depicted with a scallop shell at his hat or belt. The legend tells, that his dead body was covered with scallop shells when he was found at the Galician coast. They were a symbol of a successful pilgrimage to the end of the known world and a prestigious souvenir and status symbol. The scallop shells were also used for practical purposes as drinking bowls or plates.

The original was placed to our disposal by a private collection. Remains of a rivet pin are still visible, most probably it was attached at a hat or leather belt. This reconstruction was completed as a pendant by an eyelet, it will be delivered with a leather thong. Handcrafted from real bronze.

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