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This beautiful small pendant represents a mythical creature with the upper body of an ibex or a goat and the rear part of a fish. The Romans called this creature Capricornus, what is also the ancient name of the star constellation of the Capricorn. As illustration, the Capricornus is to be found on many reliefs, mosaics and coins, and of course in a special form on jewelery as signet rings or dress pins in the ancient age of the romans. The Roman Capricornus had a close relation to Emperor Augustus and also symbolizes the prosperity, happiness and peace of the Pax Augusta. Thus, the small pendant is not only interesting for peaople born under the zodiac of Capricornus, but it is also a wonderful lucky charm with a close relationship to the roman history, to the Roman art and its mystical significance.

Our small pendant of Capricornus is based on original pieces from the Roman period and in particularly on a small bronze statue from Germany, found at an unknown location, which is now in a private collection in the United States. The piece was been reworked accordingly in size with emphasized details. It is made entirely by hand from genuine and solid bronze. First, a wax model is made that is reworked by hand. The model is casted in an elaborate, ancient technique in lost wax process and subsequently sanded and polished by hand. Size 25 x 18 mm.
You will receive your personal Capricornus lucky charm in a decorative case with certificate and a soft leather thong made of real goatskin.

More on the origin and meaning of Capricornus can be found here:



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