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Roman filigree pendant, based on an original of the roman city of Augusta Raurica (today Augst, Switzerland).  The Colonia Augusta Rauricorum was founded by emperor Augustus in the native country of the celtic Raurici. The small city prospered between the 1st and the 3rd century AD.
The pendant was found in a ditch without exact dateable stratigraphy, but there are comparable finds of the 2nd century AD. The pendant belongs to the group of wheel amulets, which are often used with necklaces. The wheel pendants were very popular, refering to an old style of jewellery (see here). Picture 2 shows the original, made from gold.

It´s a very beautiful pendant, handcrafted from real bronze. It will be delivered with leather thong and certificate. Diameter without eyelets ca. 28 mm.

We recommend to fasten the pendant with the two eyelets directly at a bronze chain. The assembly will be done after purchase of a bronze chain free of charge, if requested. (picture 3).

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