Large Phallus Pendant, Bronze

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In ancient times, the phallus was a lucky charm in general. He was worn by adults and children, but also as amulet on horse bridles. Sometimes, even roman doorbells had the shape of a phallus (Tintinabuli). He represents fertility, wealth and gives protection from misfortune and the evil eye. It is comparable to a modern horseshoe charm. In modern Italy it is still popular to wear a pendant in shape of a stylized phallus as lucky charm. Probably only a few know about the origin of the so-called "Corno".
The phallus pendant is a symbol of of a passed time, when sexuality was seen as a natural part of life. Finally, the christian attitudes to morality turned the physical love and the human body into something impure and sinful, influecing our point of view today.

Amulet charms of this size were used as pendants on horse bridles. Our reconstruction is a copy of an original in private property (pic. 2), handcrafted from real bronze. Size ca. 75 x 55 mm, delivery with leather thong.

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