Large jewellery disc "Menimane", Silver

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The gravestone of the shipper Blussus and his wife Menimane was found in Mainz (Mogontiacum, Germany) and is one of the most interesting civilian evidences of the early roman people of the rhine provinces. The importance of the stone is also the illlustration of clothes and jewellery of the ancient time. Those are definitely of pre-roman origin in celtic tradition, but the incraving at the stone is latin, so it dates undoubtedly in the time of the roman emperors.

Conspicuous is the large decoration in form of a disc, which is be worn by Menimane. Those discs are familiar in this period and are shown at other monuments  like the gravestone of Weisenau or Ingelheim. The exact dating is difficult, because the style of the gravestone is popular until the time of emperor Nero, but the stone of Blussus and Menimane dates surely to the first half of the 1st century AD.

The image of Menimane´s disc is not usable for a reconstruction due to it´s bad condition. Our work bases at an original of a silver treasure out of the river Rhine at Bonn. We made our reconstruction heavy and usable, not as fragil as the orginal. It consists of several casted pieces with two eyelets at the backside to assemble the chain. The massive Foxtail chain is connected to the disc by elaborate decorated suspensions.

The weight is about 300 g, the diameter is nearly 10 cm. The disc will be delivered in a gift box. Made from high quality, solid 925 silver!

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